MCAT tips: MCAT is on the horizon

MCAT season is here! I know many of you have already taken this daunting test, but for you future medical students who haven’t, I am beginning a series titled MCAT tips. Every couple of days I will upload a new post that highlights tips for getting that score you deserve. These strategies are what worked…

A Pre-med in the Operation Room

  My first opportunity to shadow a surgeon in the OR was something magical. I have learned so much already and I haven’t even begun medical school yet (2 more months)!  The number one lesson I have learned so far is: Do not let fear impede your success.  I used to be so afraid to…


“Hi, may I speak to Miss Chelsi Robertson?”… Now, I don’t normally answer strange numbers, but during interview season? You better answer EVER SINGLE number that comes through to that phone, girl! That simple greeting will become music to your ears! Can you guess what follows those simple little words? Mhm, yeah you guessed it–We would like to invite you for an interv.., HAAAAAAAH, the holy music will interrupt before they even get a chance to finish their sentence! YES you did it!! You are on cloud 9, 10, and 11! But uh… what now? Don’t sweat it, I’m here to help get you together! Here’s a couple tips on how to prepare for this upcoming interview season.


Let’s just get right into it. The MCAT is hard. I am not here to tell you lies. It is challenging, but if I can do it, then you can do it too. Yes, having a good grasp on the content is important, but what is equally important is knowing “how to take the test”. I’ll start with a little background on the test.MCAT: Medical College Admission Test