5 Essentials for Effective Studying


candles are lifeeee, okay?! I was never really into candles in the past, but I have a new found love for these little pieces of heaven. Candles really help relieve stress for me and ease my mind while I’m studying. Candles are such a key to my process because I genuinely feel such a peacefulness and stillness when I light them while studying, and I also find that it subconsciously makes me work longer.

Favorite Brand: Bloom & Prosper.

Favorite Scent: Sandalwood candles are my favorite. They are actually known to sooth irritation and lift depression. It’s said to have the same benefits as meditation, and I definitely agree.

Natural sunlight

So this may sound strange for studying purposes, but I find that I study better in dim light. I only like to use natural sunlight to light the room. I think it just contributes to the calmness. And the natural sunlight is just so beautiful; it makes me feel like I’m outside without actually having to go outside. Even when I go to a coffee shop, you can surely find me in front of the best window seat in the building.

White noise- light music

I recently found that this works for me. Some people can study and concentrate with the television on… um I cannot. I will look up and find myself  3 episodes deep into the RHOA and forget what I was even supposed to be studying. With this said, light background music seem s to work for me. The genre doesn’t really matter for me. Although, I find myself somewhere between Frank Ocean and Migos station on a typical study week.  I just have to be sure that the music isn’t too loud. I’m pretty anal when it comes to making sure the sound is at the perfect volume. Ya know, just enough so that it’s background and not a concert (where I am, unfortunately for anyone around, the star LOL).

Planner/notepad to cross out as I go

This is just imperative to keeping me on track. I need to visually look at what all needs to be done, and I find a sense of accomplishment when I cross out my completed tasks. It works to motivate me and remind me that I am getting things when I’m in one those “OMG I need to do better” moods. I do suffer from anxiety when it comes to completing tasks. I always feel like I’m behind when I’m actually right on track. So, keeping a checked list helps put my tasks and daily to-dos in perspective. Plus, it looks pretty! I doodle and make it fun by using different color highlighters and pens. When in doubt, color coordinate!


I hope this helps. Try some out and let me know if it helped! Also, what are some of your essentials to achieve optimal study benefits? I want to know!

Oh wait, there’s one more! I almost forgot I need my caffeine, because duh, caffeine. I either go with a chai latte or a green or black tea.

K, now I’m done. Happy Studying!



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