I had been doing my research on for a while, but I had never heard of it so I was hesitant to just give away my coins. But at this point, I had tried everything. I thought… well it can’t get any worse… only up from here, right?

June 2016: This is when my skin was at its worst. Every time I thought it was getting better, I’d wake up to even more of the little bastards. It was getting more and more frustrating and really taking a toll on my self-esteem and confidence. I was always the kind of person that never needed or liked makeup. So, when I found myself depending on it to make me feel more confident, I knew something had to be done. ​

Several tears and breakdowns later, I decided to order my first kit in mid June.

Click here for Regimen Kit. You can also purchase each item separately, but I suggest starting with the complete kit.

In my video, I said it was about $35.00, but the entire kit is actually $44.00. It comes with the following:

  • 8 oz. cleanser
  • 8 oz. treatment (Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5%)
  • 8 oz. moisturizer (with Licochalcone)





August 2016: Two months on the regimen

My skin was looking way better and my confidence was through the roof! Yeah, it still wasn’t clear, but this treatment was able to do what all of the other treatments couldn’t accomplish: Rid me of bumps and pimples and stop new blemishes from forming. At this point, I knew that this treatment was working for my skin type and I knew that it wouldn’t be much longer until my skin cleared up completely.



June 2017: One year mark

YAY!! At this point, my skin was completely blemish and scar free. I mean look at it! Back to the skin I had in high school, got me looking like pre-puberty skin! This is the person I know. Like I said, I never suffered from problematic skin. It was always something that I received compliments on.

Once I turned 21, I just started getting breakouts around that time of the month like crazy and couldn’t find anything to really control it. I’m not ashamed to say that it was embarrassing, and it really broke me down. saved not only my skin, but my self-esteem as well. If you suffer from acne prone skin, please try this product. It worked wonders for me  and I want you to experience its benefits as well.




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